Analysis is Expected to Groupon North American Market in Annual Sales of 90 Million US Dollar

Analysis is Expected to Groupon North American Market in Annual Sales of 90 Million US Dollar

American grup buy website station has not been made public financial data, but out from the company website “already for that user to save money” tracking data to see, in the past nine days already for western user save $65 thousand thousand. Click here for a year rates, north American user save about two-point-six billion dollars. Again according to save for consumers and businesses Groupon 60%, 40% of the convention, the share of the north American market Groupon net revenue will reach $90 million.

Groupon biggest competitive advantage is with global 50 million E-mail registered users list, and many businessmen established a cooperative relationship. Facebook such companies with large user base produce network effects, Groupon found myself with rival unlatched distance is not big. Last week, the second largest us grup buy website station on top of a day LivingSocial sold 1.3 million amazon gift card, a business or company spokesman says, in this particular activity, driven to jan 20 million registered users will reach. So far, the biggest trading is Groupon Nordstrom and Gap with cooperation, respectively 625,000 million and 44.1 million copies sold.

The results demonstrate that grup buy website stand by and enormous brand cooperation, by providing attractive trading push users striking growing Numbers. With rivals will have chance to to provide greater into ratio measures to win business favour. Groupon another competitive advantage may be the company has quite an sales team, but this kind of staff skill sex is not high, easy to be copied.

At present, the strong competition is to Groupon attack, LivingSocial last month won the amazon first.75 billion dollars investment. The takeover Groupon defeat, Google began for a test run their 43,200 use. In of Google has a huge local merchants and email user groups, Google will be highly advantageous profession. But Google need to deepen the relationship with local merchants.

If ipos, will allow Groupon expand user number, get more cash investments, and can get smaller rivals, for overseas expansion. Because of the market for marketing and advertising passion flesh, levels of competition are intense, Groupon ahead still needs further let oneself dazzling.