10 Days to CAT 2011 Tips for relaxing your stressed mind

10 Days to CAT 2011 Tips for relaxing your stressed mind

With just 10 days to go, the air is filled up with tension for CAT 2011 test takers. There appears to be like no time for calm. According to top MBA experts, apart from preparation you do, health and well being and a healthy mind are the key to emerging successful in CAT exam.

MBAUniverse.com brings for critical advice on how to maintain a healthy mind and health and wellbeing in these last highly stressed mornings. Don’t just read these advice, you need to adopt them and also hardwearing . cool and emerge victorious.


Take a break when you find your mind losing focus. Forcing yourself to focus for lengthy can have a poor effect on your entire performance if it generated unwanted pressure, boredom or fatigue. When you find your mind wandering, take a short break. Schedule regular intervals, but in those breaks, do activities that keep you relaxed and don’t engage your mind too much, since its important to keep the mind free of distractions when a person receive back to analysis.

Avoid Distractions

It is not the time for a new video game, TV or redecoration. Anything that could keep your attention distracted, be it an up-to-date computer or rock-band in your city, try to keep your mind clear of it. It’s just a short jog till the end of the race, but it counts a lot. No matter how tempting the distractions, remember, losing your focus at this point could mean ruining the months of hard work an individual put in much!

Positive Visualization

Take a moment to sit regarding your eyes closed and visualize yourself achieving the ideal outcome. You have to convince yourself that your hard work is going to pay off, and the amount of money convincing your sub conscious. Repeated negative thoughts seep into your sub conscious and eat away in your energy and esteem. This is not the time to perform postmortem of use have studied so far. Rather, tell yourself what ever you have studied will help you in the examination.

Tune Your Sleeping Pattern

If your sleeping pattern is topsy turvy and you feel yourself burning the night oil too often, your brain will get accustomed to shifting into relax mode during the day and alert mode during night. For CAT 2011, you ought to be at your sharpest at 10 in the break of day. Regulate your sleeping pattern accordingly potential earnings you have that your body will take a short time to get always the new fad. So it’s best to start served by it at the earliest possible time. Yes, that mean tonight.

Believe in Yourself

Right before a paper, some people feel convinced that they won’t do well, in spite of their hard tasks. But there are plenty of cases of that ‘logically’ thought their efforts wouldn’t total much, but continued involving their endeavor anyways because they trusted their intuition these people did are able. Thanks to their faith, many flip out now inside the IIMs and other top institutions. Trust your intuition. Allow yourself to imagine what end up being feel like if you accomplish your goal- cracking dispersed further 2011 and coming out with flying colour.

wbjee application form and Mind

This is a vital time to control your health- physical and mental. No, we aren’t going to suggest a gym monthly. Its simple things that count, like drinking enough water in the day to ease tension or eating light food to maintain your mood and energies in. The day before the test, keep the cool by listening to songs, calling up an addict who motivates you or watching television. If possible, do some relaxation exercises to help keep your mind enjoyable.

Last Minute to-dos

Avoid getaways tension by finding out the exact route to your CATM center. Check your stationery well in advance and on CAT day, check and recheck for those admit phone card. Be at the center well advance and steer clear of negative or tension generating discussions. Faced with feeling anxious, sit in solitude and practice deep relaxation. Keep your attention to your paper and publish a fight till the actual last hour.